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About Our Program


The BP Ranch was derived from the passion both Brady and Savannah have for training top quality prospects. Brady has always enjoyed having good young horses around, getting them started roping, and flipping them to make a little money. 

They went looking for more colts by Catty Rey after having owned a few that they didn't want to sell. Their search led to the opportunity to purchase Catty Rey and stand him to the public for the first time. 

"We didn't see ourselves in the breeding game, but we didn't want to stop riding his colts, and Catty was going to be shipped to Venezuela if we didn't purchase him." Pitchford admitted, nothing more than the stallions good mind is appreciated in light of the Pitchford's two small children's interest in the horses. 

Catty Reys offspring have already reached an excess of $150,000 with a very limited foal crop after being only bred to private mares, and they are very hopeful for the stallions future. 

We believe the foundation of the horse is crucial to its future success.  A good foundation includes: a quiet mind, proper confirmation and athletic ability. These factors play a key role in a horse being broke, which is a requirement for us before specialty training. Once further training starts we let the horse dictate the rate of progression in order to stay sound and quiet while gaining confidence as well as ability.

We consider this to be the "Foundation for Success".

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